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Before we begin... Allow me to introduce myself:

My Name is Lori Nicholls;

Five years ago my knees and ankles ached just sitting in a chair. I was classified as obese and was tired most of the time and just pushed through my day.

At the time my three girls were young (almost 3,6 and 8) and I was busy and I "kind of" exercised. One day I stumbled into the gym with no real motivation just an understanding that I needed to do something/anything.

I hired a trainer and started to read every morning; something to do with fitness and health. Inches came off my body and I was feeling better! My posture improved and the ache in my knees and ankles subsided. (Just sitting at the movie theater use to hurt!)

I do believe that we are all different but capable of living a better life through movement and just taking better care of ourselves. My goal is now to help others re-discover their lost selves, and give them back some life. (literally!)

I coach basketball for my girls' school team and just love it! All those years of early morning practices and drills and loosing the ball down my parent's driveway are finally making sense! My third year of coaching was a big success with my middle daughter's team winning their grade 6 tournament - Go Eagles!!!

I've recently been diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis, which explains some of the pain that I use to endure daily. Why do I share this information? Plain and simple; if I can, then trust me 100% you can! My bad days...I have to hold my coffee mug a certain way or I'll be in pain, not discomfort, pain.

We all have our challenges, but we all have our strengths too! Sometimes we need to be shown that we are strong - believe in yourself! This is your life - live it! Don't just endure it! You are better than that!

I have been married for just shy of twenty years, have three girls, two dogs, a bird, a fish and a whole lot of laundry. Again, if I can - you definitely can!

I love balance work in my work-out routines. They are so true to life. The quick twist to save something from landing on the floor, a big stretch to get a ball out of the ditch and as we get older we hope to not hurt ourselves doing all that!

Well if we don't use it....we lose it!

Regain it back! It's yours - claim it! As we get older we need to do all of those things that "they" have been saying for years. Drink eight glasses of water a day, get eight hours of sleep per night, exercise, eat right....the list goes on doesn't it.

Don't over think it. Just do.

Don't worry about being perfect, just do something towards a better & healthier tomorrow. Now, let me help you. Let's set up a program that suits you, and helps you live a great life! If you can't move, you can't groove! (Greg and I do west-coast swing dancing/sorry had to go there!)

Some of us engage in a fitness/health program to lose weight - in the process they gain so, so much more! More muscle mass, better posture, improved sleep patterns, more confidence, more energy, and a life full of options not restrictions. You can!

"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner of later have to find time for illness" Edward Stanley

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